Hi there, my name is Graig Harris. I am a Minnesota transplant who escaped the Midwest around seven years ago. I grew tired of the seemingly never-ending winter cold and moved to San Diego. I have not looked back.

Over the years I have solidified myself as a true project and marketing professional. Working in a management capacity for higher education institutions, large multi-media news companies, millionaire entrepreneurs, politicians, and non-profits has given me an extremely well rounded grasp of the business world.

Overall, I am a very positive person in my approach to work and life. I am self motivated, tenacious and professional. If that sounds interesting to you, let’s chat. If not, I’m also into craft beer, woodworking, art, and Aztec Athletics. That’s a lot of stuff. We must connect on something right?

Let’s find out, get in touch with me: graig.harris at gmail.com


P.S. Apologies about my website, I’m currently going through a redesign. It’s going to be wild.